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Training Services

Private SAQ Training ($75 Per Session)
Our private training sessions are 1-on-1 which are focused on strengthening the athlete's weaknesses with strategically design drills.
 Group SAQ Training ($50 Per Session)
Our group training sessions are limited, 2-10 players per session. Each player will receive the individual attention they need, as well as detailed instruction to guarantee their development. Our training staff challenges each player so that they can experience adversity and failure, ultimately preparing them to handle challenges in the game. 
1-on-1 Personal Training ($50 Per Session)
Our personal training sessions will pair you with one of our expert coaches for a customized workout that will target your goals and provide careful direction to ensure you maximize your efforts.
Payments must be made prior to the start of each training session.  If the fees are not paid, the athlete will be unable to train.
Rescheduling Policy 
Any cancelled or missed sessions can be scheduled for another day and time. You must cancel or reschedule more than 10 hours before original time scheduled. Anything less than 10 hours or "No Shows" will be charged a $25 fee.